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    As we move through winter, the mystery and beauty of the Christmas story still fresh, we reflect on the undercurrents of our faith. They are concerns, yearnings, and imaginings that point to something deeper:  Longing for Justice, Thirst for Spirituality, Hunger for Relationship and Beauty in Creation. They point to the presence and work of God. If you’re seeking to better understand why you are drawn to faith and yet remain restless at moments, join us.

    January 6 Longing for Justice

    January 13 Thirst for Spirituality

    January 20 Hunger for Relationships

    January 27 For the Beauty of the Earth



    Faith is a series of awakenings. It’s not a single moment. It unfolds as we live through new experiences and situations.  It requires time for reflection on our past, present and future… on those who’ve come before us, our capacity, what’s truly important and where God is leading us. It invites us to look to both unseen spiritual realities as well as the very tangible and present needs before us. Faith in Christ draws us to this intersection where personal and communal transformation is not only possible, but experienced in Christ. 

    November 4 - Awaken to Your Belonging

    November 11 - Awaken to Your Capacity

    November 18 - Awaken to Your Foundations

    November 25 - Awaken to God's Voice

  • Half truths

    Have you ever heard Christians say things that don't sound quite right? Sometimes we repeat phrases that have the ring of truth, but upon further examination aren't helpful. During this series we explore some of those phrases that might be best dropped. 

    Sept 30 - Everything Happens for a Reason    

    Oct 7 - God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

    Oct 14 - God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle

    Oct 21 - God Said It, I believe It, That Settles It

    Oct 28 - Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin


    We are the Church. The Church is not a building or an institution. It's a movement of people centered on the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that we are called to something bigger than ourselves and beyond ourselves. And yet, that mission begins here. Because of you, this mission handed off to us 2000 some years ago continues on. Jesus Christ is the light of the world that offers love, hope and transformational grace for all who will receive it.

    Sept. 9 - We Serve the World

    Sept. 16 - We are a Movement

    Sept. 23 - We are Devoted to the Highest Purpose

  • At the movies

    Everyone loves a good movie. But, have you ever walked out of the theater and thought something about it reflected the message of Christian faith? Join us for this favorite summer series as we explore where faith and the movies intersect.

    Aug. 19 - Interstellar

    Aug. 26 - Wonder

    Sept. 2 - West Side Story