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      • new connections

        All Saints’ new vision paints a picture of where we will be in five years. It envisions making a relevant impact by creating increased connections in our local community. It articulates the need for all of us to engage in a spiritual journey or process and tend to the ongoing task of cultivating healthy souls, in connection to Christ. It challenges us to connect with the next generation and invest in children, youth and their families. Finally, it invites each of us

        to make meaningful connections between faith and life as we act upon our unique purpose to serve. Join us each of these four weeks as we begin living this new vision together. 

        February 2  Relevant Impact

        February 16  Strong Families

        February 9  Healthy Souls

        February 23  Unique Purpose

      • light a path

        Our world is filled with restless hopes and needs. Getting to a place where our yearnings are fulfilled requires us to venture out from where we are. It starts when we light a path for ourselves and others to the place we need to go. At the start of the year we trace the first steps of one of the greatest movements in history—the beginnings of Jesus’ ministry, which brought a new vision filled with hope. Come and explore how you can help light a path toward a more hopeful future for yourself, your family and our communities.   

      • god of the living

        We discover true life through the one true God. As our lives transition with the seasons, we are reminded once again that our deepest yearnings and aspirations rest in the God of all creation. As the church year draws to a close, we come back to focus on our center and the hope of our lives and all the world.

      • UNAFRAID

        We live in uncertain times. We find plenty of reasons for concern. Some of our fears are legitimate. But, fear can also drive people to bad decisions on one hand, or inaction on the other. We’ll use Adam Hamilton’s book, Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times, as the backdrop for this five-week sermon series.

        We’ll find encouragement to break through our fears like disappointing others, failure, health, loneliness, insignificance, aging and the challenges of our time. By doing so, we can become the presence of Jesus, and a light in our relationships, our community and our world.  

      • storyboard

        What's on your storyboard? Filmmakers create storyboards to capture the key moments in a story. The same could be done with our lives. If you were going to tell the story of your life, what are the inspiring scenes you would include, especially those where you felt spiritually engaged? The key conversations or relationships that were formative? The moments where you were challenged or had to stretch, whether welcomed or not? As you look at your life, can you see where God has been present? Have you experienced grace and discovered the joy and wisdom of faith? What does your next chapter look like?

        September 8 – Storyboard:  Your Inspiring Moments

        September 15 – Storyboard:  Your Key Conversations

        September 22 – Storyboard:  Your Stretch Moments

        September 29– Storyboard:  Your Next Chapter


        Close out the summer on Sundays at All Saints as we share one of our favorite series of the year. Have you ever sat through a movie and seen connections to Christian faith? Join us as we explore four unique movies and share our takeaways for living our faith in the world today.

        August 11 – Toy Story 4

        August 25 – The Zookeeper’s Wife

        August 18 – Yesterday

        September 1 – Rocketman

      • 1 thessalonians

        Join us for a mid-summer series exploring the earliest writing in the New Testament — St. Paul's letter to the Christians in Thessalonica. Faith, hope, and love are hallmarks of authentic faith and they marked the lives of the church there, even as they faced uncertainties and a lack of clarity about their situation.

        “We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted
        by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.”      

        – 1 Thessalonians 1:3


      • FRESH AIR

        Summer in Minnesota is a great time to air out the house. New homes are built to be air tight and, although they’re efficient, the air inside gets stale. Our lives, our relationships and our faith can feel the same way. We live in controlled, comfortable and efficient environments that may prevent us from experiencing the fresh air we need to thrive. God challenges us to crack open our tightly controlled lives and faith to let the Spirit in.

        June 2 – Crack Open Your Life

        June 9 – Crack Open the Church (Pentecost Sunday)

        June 16 – Crack Open Your Relationships                      

        June 23 – Crack Open Your Purpose                                  

      • The SOund we make

        From the first sound of a parent’s voice to a newborn, to the sounds we make on social media and in late night conversations with close friends, our voice has an impact.  Our voice can be calming, encouraging, alarming, shaming or pleasantly memorable.  The tone of our voice is shaped by those we listen to.  In this series, we listen carefully to Jesus and how we can develop our own voice in a way that is consistent with the values we embrace.   

        April 28 – Peace

        May 5 – Encouragement

        May 12 – Riffs

        May 19 – Openness


        Jesus said that those who follow him are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14). God’s love and grace, experienced through Jesus, is the source of that light. So, how can we allow God’s light to shine in the darkness we experience today — in our families, in the world and in ourselves? Come together in the weeks leading up to Easter and learn how we can let the light shine. Let there be light!

        March 10 – Address Hunger

           Watch the videos shared during this message.

           ICA Food Shelf

           ELCA World Hunger

        March 17 – Do Something

           Make an impact at All Saints

           Make an impact through one of our ministry partners

        March 24 – Support Mental Health

           Discover what our church says about mental health.

        March 31 – Care for Creation

           Join us for a talk by Paul Douglas, April 2 at 7pm.

        April 7 – Pause to Listen

           Guest preacher Rev. Kathryn Tiede, from Lutheran Social Services

        April 14 – Lift Up Hope (Palm Sunday)

      • IDENTITY

        Jesus begins a movement that unifies people around a common identity. We celebrate what makes us unique, while we also affirm that what brings life is an identity rooted in: principles, commitments and a proper perception of ourselves and others. We’ll explore how our identity holds up under pressure and reflect on the true identity of Jesus. In claiming our deepest identity in Christ, we find the life we long for and the impact we hope to make.

        February 3 – Principles

        February 10 – Commitments

        February 17 – Perceptions

        February 24 – Under Pressure

        March 3 – Jesus Revealed


        As we move through winter, the mystery and beauty of the Christmas story still fresh, we reflect on the undercurrents of our faith. They are concerns, yearnings, and imaginings that point to something deeper:  Longing for Justice, Thirst for Spirituality, Hunger for Relationship and Beauty in Creation. They point to the presence and work of God. If you’re seeking to better understand why you are drawn to faith and yet remain restless at moments, join us.

        January 6 Longing for Justice

        January 13 Thirst for Spirituality

        January 20 Hunger for Relationship

        January 27 Beauty in Creation


      • AWAKEN

        Faith is a series of awakenings. It’s not a single moment. It unfolds as we live through new experiences and situations.  It requires time for reflection on our past, present and future… on those who’ve come before us, our capacity, what’s truly important and where God is leading us. It invites us to look to both unseen spiritual realities as well as the very tangible and present needs before us. Faith in Christ draws us to this intersection where personal and communal transformation is not only possible, but experienced in Christ. 

        November 4 - Awaken to Your Belonging

        November 11 - Awaken to Your Capacity

        November 18 - Awaken to Your Foundations

        November 25 - Awaken to God's Voice


        Have you ever heard Christians say things that don't sound quite right? Sometimes we repeat phrases that have the ring of truth, but upon further examination aren't helpful. During this series we explore some of those phrases that might be best dropped. 

        Sept 30 - Everything Happens for a Reason    

        Oct 7 - God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

        Oct 14 - God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle

        Oct 21 - God Said It, I believe It, That Settles It

        Oct 28 - Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin


        We are the Church. The Church is not a building or an institution. It's a movement of people centered on the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that we are called to something bigger than ourselves and beyond ourselves. And yet, that mission begins here. Because of you, this mission handed off to us 2000 some years ago continues on. Jesus Christ is the light of the world that offers love, hope and transformational grace for all who will receive it.

        Sept. 9 - We Serve the World

        Sept. 16 - We are a Movement

        Sept. 23 - We are Devoted to the Highest Purpose


        Everyone loves a good movie. But, have you ever walked out of the theater and thought something about it reflected the message of Christian faith? Join us for this favorite summer series as we explore where faith and the movies intersect.

        Aug. 19 - Interstellar

        Aug. 26 - Wonder

        Sept. 2 - West Side Story