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At All Saints we are focusing on six dimensions of wellness: spiritual, emotional, social, physical, financial, and intellectual. We believe that our spiritual wellness and perspective can positively impact every other part of our life. So, while spiritual wellness is one dimension of wellness, a spiritual journey leads us to see our emotional, social, physical, financial and intellectual life with new meaning and possibilities. 

Start your wellness journey on the welcome to wellness page. From that page, you'll find resources connected to all six wellness areas. You can also navigate to those pages by clicking on a tab at the top of this page. 

We seek to foster Healthy Souls and be a resource for mental health as we integrate faith with life. As part of our #healthysouls initiative, we've started a partnership with Mental Health Connect, which is a collaboration of congregations throughout the Twin Cities that provides mental health support to individuals and their congregations. You can learn more below and check back here for a featured resource or upcoming event on this page.

Find activities supporting wellness here on our events page.



    Visit the Mental Health Connect website to learn about their resources. Contact a mental health navigator using the link or call them at 612.312.3377.

    What MHC Provides:

    • Navigation - The navigation line is free and confidential, open from 8:30a.m.- 5p.m., Monday - Friday. They have trained volunteers and staff answering the phone. Each navigator has lived experiences with mental health challenges and will provide individual resources for the caller.  Contact MHC at 612.312.3377.

    • Community - MHC is currently collaborating with 23 faith communities to share resources and support. Ambassadors are the liaison between MHC and churches and meet monthly to discuss their communities, needs and helpful ways to support leadership and those that have mental health concerns.

    • Education - The Education Team at MHC creates a list of monthly events and speakers. Events are open to all. Hear from experts in the field, learn new concepts and understand more about mental illness. 

    • Resources - MHC provides resources to empower people to find their own path. These are provided in their monthly newsletter, Facebook posts (@Mental Health Connect) and provided to church Ambassadors (Contacts are: Marge Schaffer or Karen Saboe). Email the church office to get more information.


    All Saints member Marge Schaffer recently published a book, Journey Through the Mental Illness Maze: How Families Find Hope and Acceptance, now available on Amazon. Marge interviewed 20 family members who have a loved one living with a mental illness to identify key themes for finding hope and acceptance. Chapters address the complexity of mental health conditions, practicing patience during adversity, recalibrating expectations, reframing relationships, seeking support, developing resilience, nurturing realistic hope, recovery, self-care, and advocacy.

    You can find the complete family stories on Marge’s website The website provides information about mental illness and treatment along with the stories that inspire, encourage, and give insight about separating the uniqueness and essence of a loved one from the mental illness.

    Pastor Jon recently interviewed Marge for his podcast, The Road. You can learn more about Marge and her research by watching the episode or listening to it on our church app.