All Saints is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  


All Saints Lutheran Church is grounded in the inspired words of scripture as a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We believe that the character and spirit of God can be best understood through the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Jesus, God is revealed as gracious, merciful and loving. God desires life and dignity for every human being and calls us to see one another as neighbors who are loved by God, regardless of whatever human distinctions we create. 

Because God loves our neighbors as much as us, we are called to lives that reflect love and respect, even toward those we may disagree with. When our patterns and choices diminish life for others, and create or sustain injustice, God calls us to be transformed through his Spirit and Word. When we ourselves have experienced pain and are in need of healing and hope due to the broken condition of relationships, society, our own situation or choices, God comes to us with unquestioned grace and compassion so that we can find new life. Unexpected, unconditional love is at at the heart of our Lutheran tradition. It was a discovery and experience that brought joy and relief at the start of the Reformation 500 years ago, and we believe this message of a gracious and loving God is still relevant and transformative today. Sadly, this is not always fully experienced and at times we all fall short in living this out in all its fullness.

As a result, faith is a journey of continuing growth and reflection. God continues to encourage us, forgive us and walk with us along the way. We invite you to join us on this path to bring renewal in ourselves and our world!

For more detailed information about our beliefs, visit the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA) website related to teachings.


Boldness began All Saints. In 1956, Gethsemane Lutheran in Hopkins resolved to begin a new worshiping community in Minnetonka. A group of active members ventured from their comfortable church home in order to plant a new congregation, which in 1957 became All Saints Lutheran Church. From these founders, All Saints inherited a legacy of empowered lay ministry, richly musical and diverse worship, dedicated service to people in need, and strong personal relationships.

See timeline below for a history of growth and pastoral leadership.


250 people leave Gethsemane Lutheran Church to start All Saints Lutheran Church. Pastor Bob Warren called as the first pastor. First service held April 14, 1957 in the old Glen Lake School. Church membership: 213 baptized children, 114 Confirmed adults.


Church in the Woods site selected at Excelsior Boulevard and Woodland Road.


First sanctuary built with help from labor from All Saints, and occupied on April 19.


Present sanctuary built.


All Saints Preschool started.


Church membership: 613 baptized children, 808 confirmed adults.


Pastor Mike Hendrickson called as Associate Pastor.


Pastor Dennis Albrecht called as Senior Pastor.


Pastor Stephen Carlson called as Associate Pastor.


Dedication of new church school addition to church.


Pastor Gary Anderson called as Senior Pastor.


Pastor Sharon Betcher called as first female Associate Pastor.


All Saints Child Care Center started.


Church membership: 623 baptized children, 1556 confirmed adults.


Congregation authorizes building additional education space, Fellowship Hall, and remodeling of the sanctuary. Pastor Bill Lehman called as Associate Pastor.


Restructure of Church staff to better meet congregation needs: 3 clergy (one specializing in children & family), full time Administrator, full time Youth Director, full time Music Director. Pastor Raita Neely called as Associate Pastor.


Pastor David Lindblom called as Senior Pastor.


Pastor Timothy Johnson called as Associate Pastor.


Pipe organ installed and dedicated

First mission trip to northern Mexico

Church membership: 696 baptized children, 1742 confirmed adults.


Pastors Neely and Johnson become Co-Pastors.


Church begins mission to Casa Hogar Elim orphanage in Mexico.


Pastor Sarah Bunge called as Associate Pastor.


Pastor Antonio Machado called as Pastor.


Pastor Heather Hammond called as Senior Pastor.


Pastor Jon Pederson called as Lead Pastor.