You’re invited to Kids Connection!  

Kids join parents for the start of 9am worship, come forward as a group for a kids message, and then head downstairs!

Kids have fun growing in their connections to God, friends and the world around them. Each Sunday we have engaging topics relevant to kids from 3 years old through 6th grade. They walk away with key learnings each week. Integral to the experience is time spent in smaller groups with friends and a familiar leader each week. We begin a new series every 3–4 weeks.

Children are welcome to join Kids Connection at any time. If you would like to register, click here



Visit the Kids Connection page and stay in touch with All Saints. Ready – Set – Go!

Sing Along with Chelsea!

New songs to sing when you're washing your hands. Let Jesus be part of your clean routine.


Family Community Challenge

While we are not currently meeting for regular worship and activities, stay in community by accepting the All Saints Task Hunt family challenge on Choose from a variety of tasks and activities for your family to do at home.

What to do:

Join the Mission:
Go to or download the App “Goose Chase.” Type in code GZRG58 or search for the mission All Saints Task Hunt.

Join a Team:
There are teams set up for three family age groups:

  • families with kids 0-5
  • families with kids in elementary school (K-6th grade) 
  • families with kids in Junior/Senior High.

If you have children in multiple groups, you can choose which team you join.

Complete Tasks:
Do tasks on the list to earn points for your team. Most tasks involve pictures or video.

Post a video or picture:
Post a video or picture on social media or in the app and tag All Saints.

New tasks will be added regularly. Most importantly, have fun!


March Series

DIY – Forgiveness Is Up to You

  • Why does forgiveness matter?
  • What does it feel like to be forgiven?
  • What is keeping you from forgiving?
  • When has someone forgiven you?
  • What do you lose if you don’t forgive? 

Just because you're home, doesn't mean Kids Connection is over!  Listen, watch and maybe even dance along with the inspiring Kids Connection videos below.

  • MARCH 15

  • mARCH 22

  • march 29

    When we carry a grudge, it is like putting a heavy weight on our shoulders. When we don't forgive someone, we miss out on friendship, love and experiences with that person. In this week's video, the story of the prodigal son is continued, but is seen from the older brother’s perspective.  View the video here.

  • read the parent cue

    Find resources, tips and conversation on all things parenting. Visit The Parent Cue.


    • april SERIES

      Upside Down: Jesus Changes Everything (Humility)

      •  How do you put others first?
      • What keeps you from putting others first?
      • What have you discovered about God that surprised you? 


    • february series

      Playlist – Put love in the mix

      • What makes you feel loved?
      • What keeps you from connecting with others?
      • When is it hard to love others?
      • How can you show love to God? 
    • january series

      The Big Quiz: Show What you Know (Knowledge)

      During the January Kids Connection series we talked about the difference between having knowledge and having wisdom. Kids learned how to live their lives with wisdom gained by looking at the early life of Jesus.

    • november series

      Hall of Fame (Honor) 

      • How does it make you feel when you’re overlooked?
      • What are the best ways to honor your friends?
      • Why do promises matter so much?

      •  How do you honor God? 

      Talent Show: Brave the Stage (Courage)

      • What do you worry about?
      • What have you had to do that you didn’t feel ready for?
      • How do you respond when things seem impossible?

      • How can you be brave, even when others are afraid? 
    • september series

      Trek: An Adventure in Trust
      • What does it look like to trust in God?
      • When is it hard to trust God?
      • What do you need to trust God with right now?

      • When have you had to trust God?