Kids Connection resumes in the fall. Sign up now on the registration tab. Stay connected over the summer with new videos and Bible stories available below.


    Kids Connection is for ages 3 through 6th grade.  We're excited to gather and provide a caring and welcoming space for our kids to come each week. There are a number of new procedures for this year that parents will need to know.

    • Parents will be asked to check in kids prior to worship at a station near the stairs. 
    • Kids Connection will start at the same time as worship (10am) and will begin in our designated kids ministry spaces, apart from worship.
    • We love having kids in worship and sharing kids' messages, but have decided to keep Kids Connection separate from worship to provide additional safeguards and peace of mind for families. This plan is an outgrowth of conversations and surveys completed with families. We will continue to evaluate this as the year progresses.
    • Volunteers will walk parents and children to their classroom so they know where to go. Parents will pick up kids from their classroom at the end of worship each week.
    • Kids and all adults will be required to wear face masks.
    • As we've all become accustomed, if you or your child are experiencing COVID-related symptoms, we will ask you to remain at home for the designated quarantine period.
    • For those who are not ready to attend in person, we will continue to make online Kids Connection available. 

    We look forward to gathering again and providing a safe and welcoming environment for our families this fall! Contact Chelsea Maher for information about in-person and online Kids Connection this fall.

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    January Theme:


    Did you ever wish that you had a remote control in your everyday life? Maybe you wished for a pause button when you started getting angry or a rewind button when you messed up. During January we will be talking about self-control. Self-control is choosing to do what you should do even when you don’t want to. Self-control is sometimes not the easiest fruit of the spirit to accomplish. We will hear several stories and verses from the Bible to give us practical ways to practice self-control in our lives. 

    Join us at Kids Connection this month to find out more. Kids Connection is every Sunday during the 10am service. If you are not comfortable joining us in person, you can find the Bible story videos each week in the e-news and here on the website!

    • sunday, january 16

      When you get angry, it is easy to lose your self-control. Getting angry isn't always a bad thing, but how we act when we are angry is what matters. This week at Kids Connection, hear part of David's story and how he used self-control even when he was in danger. We will talk about how we can use self-control even when something makes us angry.

      Watch the videos here.

    • sunday, JANUARY 9

      Life would be a lot easier if we could control our actions with a remote control. Before a big decision, we could pause and think about what we need to do or say or we could rewind to try and fix a mistake. However, having self-control isn't as easy as pressing a button on a remote. This week at Kids Connection, we will learn what we can do when we lose control by looking at some of the wisdom written in Proverbs.

      Watch the videos here.

    • sunday, january 2

      We all encounter temptations to do something we probably shouldn't do and it can be really hard to have self-control during these times. The best thing we can do is to learn what is wise to do in those situations before they come up. This week at Kids Connection we will hear of a time that Jesus was tempted and the wisdom he used to have self-control in that situation.

      Watch the videos here.


    • november series

      Contentment is learning to be okay with what you have. This doesn’t mean you can never have or want new things, it just means that you are okay whether you get it or not. We heard stories from the Bible of people who had to learn to be content with what they had or in whatever situation they were in and we learned how to do the same in our life.

    • october series

      Each and every day there are many reasons we could compare ourselves to people around us. When we compare ourselves to others, it is easy to miss all the unique gifts and qualities that we have that make us special. God created us to be individuals with unique gifts. Our gifts are unlike anyone else’s and we can use them to bring joy and good to those around us. During October, we heard stories of people in the Bible that were also given unique gifts. These people were often overlooked by those around them, but God used their gifts to do some amazing things. 

    • september series

      Initiative is seeing what needs to be done and doing it. When we see something that needs to be done, it would be easy to say “that’s not my responsibility,” or “someone else will do it.” Each week we discussed how Nehemiah took initiative in his community and how he inspired others to do the same.

    • august series

      In August we talked about how to be wise and found examples of wisdom in the Bible.

    • july series

      Did you know that, even when you are in a room without any other people, you are not alone? God is always with you. 

    • june series

      Hear  the words of John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, for everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." 

      When we hear these words, we can be confident because we can see just how deep God's love is for us.

    • may series

      Anyone who has participated in a long-distance race knows that most people cannot wake up on the morning of the race and be successful without training. Races require training and preparation. Faith is the same way. There are many different things we can do to strengthen our faith. During May we talked about different spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation, generosity, and serving, that can be used to strengthen our faith.


    Find a new story to read together this summer. Choose a book from a top ten list of books curated by leading child psychologists and mental health experts that encourage children’s emotional growth. This collection is recommended for young elementary-aged children. Learn more about the books here.

    New Library Books

    Fiona Flamingo;  Yes Days, No Days; Right Now, I Am Kind;  Right Now, I Am Brave; The Secret Words;  A Mother’s Love;  Zen Pig: The Art of Gratitude; A Friend Is Someone Who;  Right Now, I Am Fine;  I Can Yell Louder


    Understand more about the importance of play in a video discussion led by All Saints Child Care Director Heather Charmoli. Play is the way children interpret and understand their world. 



    • What could a child possibly learn while playing? 
    • What skills are learned through play? 
    • Strategies promoting more in-depth play
    • Suggestions for toys and materials that teach different things