Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy

We believe children are precious and unique. We focus on developing the whole child in a nurturing environment. Each classroom is designed to be a safe intimate place where children feel emotionally secure and have a sense of belonging. We understand that children develop individually and at their own rates. They learn best through hands-on experiences that match their interests and allow them to explore across all domains: social and emotional, language, cognitive, physical, and spiritual development.

Partnership With Parents

An integral part of our program is to partner with families. You may visit the classrooms at any time and are encouraged to participate in your child’s activities. Semi-annual conferences provide you an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and set goals. We provide regular written and electronic communication to keep you informed.

Our Staff

We have well-educated, long-term staff who are dedicated to working with young children. Small group sizes help our staff optimize interactions with your child. Our staff are known through the community for their commitment to providing a joyful, well-rounded education environment where your child will flourish.


We use the national recognized Creative Curriculum with emphasis on learning skills and concepts through planned, multifaceted experiences that match children’s interests and development levels. Our program’s goad is to prepare children socially, emotionally, physically, and academically for kindergarten and the future. Teachers plan exciting, intentional classrooms that encourage exploration and learning in all developmental areas.

The curriculum includes goals and objectives in the following areas:

  Science and Technology
  Social Studies
  The Arts

All Saints Preschool and Child Care is currently pursuing accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) with a completion target date of Fall 2013.

Why Choose All Saints Preschool and Child Care

  A variety of options to meet your needs ranging from half-day during the school year to full-day year round.
  Intimate setting with low ratios
  Joyful, safe, family-like atmosphere
  Well-educated, long-term staff
  Regular contact with local school district to keep abreast of the most current school-readiness needs.
  Parent volunteers welcomed and encouraged
  All faiths welcomed