Half Day Preschool Program Staff


Rachel Alexander

Classroom Assistant (m-f) and Assistant Administrator

Rachel would say her first love is being a mom to her four children.  Her close second would be sitting on the floor with 3-5 year old children, taking residence in their playful, imaginative worlds.  Rachel possesses a keen awareness to the intricate development of the young child and she loves being fully present and engaged in the day of the preschooler. Rachel lives in Apple Valley with her husband, Dan and her 4 children who all graduated from All Saints Preschool.


Roberta Roy-Arndt

Classroom Teacher (mwf), Stay and Play, Spanish

Roberta enjoys a long-standing teaching relationship with All Saints Preschool. After her girls attended the school, she started as a teacher and put her elementary education degree to work.  Roberta’s first love is teaching Spanish to our preschool students.  She loves building close relationships with the children she teaches and being a part of their everyday learning moments.  Roberta lives in Minnetonka with her husband, Jim and their 2 daughters.


Katie Avenson


All 4 Avenson children are alumni of All Saints Preschool and thriving in all they do.  Katie’s classroom embodies the characteristics that truly teach to the entire child. Each little one she teaches knows he/she is loved and cherished.  Through classroom play, her students examine, seek, discover, invent, create and initiate all aspects of learning.  Katie graduated from California State University Long Beach with a B.A in Psychology and an Elementary Education degree.

DAY3-00033Courtney Ballin Classroom Teacher (m,w,f)

Courtney Alison Norton Ballin teaches one of the three day pre-k classes. She grew up mainly in Minnesota, graduating in 1994 from Minnetonka High School and earned a B.S. in Foundations of Education from the University of Minnesota/Twin Cities in 1998.  She received her  teaching license (elementary grades1-6) in 1999 and then her Masters in Education in 2002.   Courtney taught second and third grade at Clear Springs Elementary, in the Minnetonka district, before my children were born.  Currently, she lives in Deephaven with her husband and three children.  Her two daughters are All Saints alumni (’08, ’12) and her son will be as well, this spring!


Carol Breczinksi

Hall Monitor

Carol and her family became members of All Saints Church in the late 1980’s. Her children attended the preschool as it was recommended by her friends.  Eventually she started assisting with the Lunch Bunch program in 1994.  She has continued to work in a variety of positions within the preschool throughout the years.  Her first love is music and science.  Carol and her husband Jim has two grown children, Lora and William and one grandson, Hubert.

AS02-00038Dorothy Buckman

Classroom Assistant (t,th)

Dorothy Buckman adds tremendous value to the All Saints Preschool Program.  For many years, she was a full-time classroom teacher at All Saints and presently, she is reaping the benefits of retirement as a classroom assistant. Dorothy thrives at giving young preschoolers the best learning experience possible.  She masterfully creates an environment that honors the development of the young child, the commitment to play and the desire of relationship. Both of Dorothy’s children attended preschool at All Saints.  She and her husband Lloyd live in Minnetonka and are enjoying being grandparents to their grandson, Miles.



Laura Busche

Classroom Assistant, Hall Monitor, Stay and Play Assistant

Christy Coyer

Classroom Assistant, Hall Monitor, Stay and Play, Spanish Asst.

Christy knows that All Saints Preschool has an amazing group of teachers and she loves being a part of the daily experience.  She exhibits a wonderful tenderness with the preschool children and greatly appreciates all the creative and ingenious stories and sayings each one communicates.  Christy gives of her whole self in each day at All Saints.  Her devotion to her students and her profession is evident. Christy and her husband, Tom, have four children and live in Eden Prairie.


Lois Girgis-Coyle

Classroom Teacher (t/th)

After staying home to raise her children, daughter (13) and twin son & daughter (10), Lois decided she was ready to enter the world of early childhood education.  She has worked as a classroom assistant and is now a teacher to our youngest group of preschoolers.  Lois’ calming, loving and soothing practices as a teacher fit perfectly as many of these children are experiencing a classroom for the first time. Lois has a B.S. from Valparaiso University in Business Administration with minors in Spanish & International Business. She also has an MBA from Carlson School of Management in Marketing & Strategic Management. Two to three times a year, Lois leads a team from her church into Haiti for mission work.



Cathy Hawes

Classroom Teacher (m-th) Fridays Plus (f)

Cathy truly enjoys experiencing the sights, sounds and perspectives from the young minds of a preschooler. Her zestful and creative love of art is evident in her classroom.  Within a variety of mediums, Cathy’s preschoolers experience art through a hands-on process that result in many wondrous pieces of work. Cathy has a degree in Business Administration: Marketing and Management from Mankato State University. She and her husband, Josh, live in Eden Prairie with their children; Madyson, Samantha, Emma and Garrett.



Amy Krane

Classroom Teacher (m-th) 

When Amy was ready to enter back into the world of teaching, she knew she wanted to be a part of the same experience her children were privy to as All Saints students. Amy feels blessed to be working with such a talented, diverse staff and supportive families and she finds utter joy in the wonder and enthusiasm each preschooler brings to her classroom. Amy thrives at accompanying much of her teaching within a literature, drama and play connection. She is a graduate from Drake University with a degree in Elementary Education.  She and her husband, Andy, live in Minnetonka and have three children; Elizabeth, Jenny, and William.



Abby Krueger

Classroom Assistant (mwf) (t/th)


Joanie Mitchell

Classroom Teacher (mwf/th) and Early Birds

Joanie brings a wealth of knowledge, practice and expertise to the All Saints classroom.  She loves how children ‘live in the moment’ and as a teacher, she facilitates all the intricate pieces that build upon the entire child. She is a graduate of St. Olaf College with a major in Child Psychology. She also has a Masters in Health Education from the University of Minnesota and maintains a Montessori Teaching Certificate.  Joanie’s children attended All Saints Preschool. She lives in Minnetonka with her husband, Andy, have three sons and a grand baby: Peter (wife Katie), Tim and Jonathan.



Laura Peterson

Classroom Assistant (mwf)

Laura is an All Saints Alum and both her children have attended All Saints Preschool as students, too. She feels incredibly blessed to be working as an assistant as she knows that the staff truly love children and their work. She has a degree in Family Social Sciences from the University of Minnesota. Laura was born and raised in Eden Prairie and continues to reside there with her husband Rob and children Shaun and Audrey.  She knows that All Saints is the place for her to be and prays each day to be a blessing and encouragement to her class and staff.


Kristen  Schlegel

Classroom Assistant (m-th)

Both of Kristen’s children went to All Saints Preschool.  As a mom, Kristen loved the warm, nurturing feel of the school.  As a teacher, she loves the children’s joyful exuberance towards learning.  Kristen’s strives for a total acceptance classroom.  Each of her students should feel welcomed, valued and loved as they enjoy all aspects of her teaching.  Kristen graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Elementary Education and lives in Minnetonka with her husband Chuck and two sons, Braedon and Avery



Nancy Summers

Stay and Play

Nancy heard that All Saints was an excellent preschool and she started teaching while her children were enrolled.  She says they graduated, but she never has!  She loves teaching Stay and Play where she can ‘sneak’ in learning opportunities into play situations.  She especially encourages Dramatic Play. Nancy graduated UW Eau Claire with a degree in K-8 Elementary Education and a minor in Music.  She also was awarded with a membership into Motar Board, a Senior honor society. Nancy and Mike have two grown children, Sara and Mike.




Jackie Wolff

 Classroom Assistant (M-F)
Nicole Wood  Classroom Teacher (MWF)
 Teresa Reimer  Classroom Teacher (t,th)
 Jessica Mihalakis  Hall Monitor