Plan a Funeral


The Loss of a Loved One

The All Saints Community shares your grief at the loss of a loved one and will provide every assistance to help you. Contact the pastors for help in talking through your family’s needs in this time of loss, the wishes of the deceased, and your plans for recognizing the life of the person who has passed away. We recognize that loss has an impact beyond the immediate needs, and will be there to help you and your family through your grief.

Death and life in Christian faith

Ours is a resurrection faith. In the resurrection of Jesus, God revealed that  Jesus is the Christ and that death did not and would not have the last word: not for Jesus and not for us.

But our faith in life beyond death does not wholly remove the pain of death. A deep-seated fear of death is built into each of us. The death of a loved one brings sorrow.

The resurrection of Jesus is the cornerstone of Christian faith and the basis of our hope for life beyond death. What that life will be like is a mystery. The resurrection of Jesus is unique, because he was unique, entrusted with a unique mission. Our new life will clearly be different.

The Comfort and Power of Holy Scripture

Families often enjoy choosing two or three readings from Scripture. You may like to choose one or two from the list of Old Testament or Epistle (letters of the early church) readings, and one Gospel (the four accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry) reading. We are also happy to suggest other appropriate readings if you desire.

The reading of the first one or two Scriptures may be done by someone special to you. Please let us know if you would like to have someone read the lessons, or if you wish for the pastor to do so.

When in our Music God is Glorified…

Music is one of the ways that we express our thanks and faith. The story of faith in God is lifted up, and those who gather for the memorial service have an opportunity to express the Good News of Christ. Our Director of Music, Jim Hild, will be happy to work with you in choosing meaningful music.