Plan a Baptism



All Saints Lutheran Church welcomes people of all ages into Christ through baptism. Instituted by Jesus himself, baptism marks the entry into Christian faith and community. Parents who wish to bring their children for baptism may contact the pastors for more information and an informational booklet.  The pastors delight in talking with adults considering baptism for themselves.

What is Baptism?

Baptism celebrates new life!  Baptism begins a new, living relationship with God.  Baptism is God’s unshakeable commitment to be in relationship with us, always, no matter what. That’s grace!

What about baptisms in other churches?

All Saints recognizes the baptism of any Christian church. God’s promises in baptism are trustworthy, no matter what denomination.

At what age?

No one is too old, or too young, for baptism. Infants are often baptized between the ages of 3 weeks and 3 months. Most baptisms take place during worship when the family of faith gathers. Baptism should be arranged at least four weeks in advance.

Whom should we choose for sponsors?

Sponsors support the newly baptized in the life of faith. For children, sponsors help parents with the responsibility to see that the child is raised in the faith and kept close to Christ through the Church. Sponsors should be baptized, practicing Christians themselves, and active members of a church which practices infant Baptism.

What does the church expect of parents?

When parents present their children for Baptism, they promise to teach and to model Christian faith. That includes worshipping and praying together, and when the child is old enough, bringing the child to Sunday School and similar programs. Parents promise not only to be responsible for the physical needs of each child, but also for his/her spiritual needs.

All Saints offers a baptismal preparation resources for new parents. Please contact the church office for information about available classes and materials.

What happens on the day of baptism?

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism almost always takes place during worship when the family of faith can celebrate together. The pastor who is not preaching that Sunday baptizes. All family members, including children, are invited to gather around the font (a large bowl of water) for the baptism.

A baptismal candle is lit and given to the newly baptized (or parent). This candle can be re-lit each year on the anniversary of the baptism as a reminder of new life in Christ.