Sunday Forums





None scheduled at this time.

On Sunday mornings from September through May, forums for adults and senior high youth are offered. These gatherings are opportunities for the All Saints community to learn more about outward faith expressions (such as social justice action and environmental stewardship) as well as inward faith practices (such as prayer and Bible study). Through presentations and discussions facilitated by congregation members or guest speakers, forum participants explore ways to develop their faith and integrate it into their daily lives.

Forums are also used to encourage communication about relevant congregational and denominational matters, including issues with varying viewpoints. For some, forums are worthwhile simply as a way to get to know, understand, or support other people in our congregation better. Check the Adult Growth bulletin board in Fellowship Hall or the Scribe for the Forum schedule. Contact Anne Englert with questions or suggestions.

Members listening to a Forum about Ethics

A Forum on Ethics.



Forum on Hospitality House

A guest speaker from Hospitality House explains how support of the program helps
underprivileged youth at challenging times in their lives.