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Programming for Adult Growth Ministry

Over the past six years, Adult Growth at All Saints has been the collective name for a variety of activities, resources, and programs that support faith experiences beyond worship services. Coordinators include congregation members, pastors, and staff. The goal is to encourage ongoing faith development and faithful living in adults of all ages. Following are previously held and current Adult Growth activities:

  • Sunday morning forums (discussions, speakers or other presentations)
  • Short-term small groups for study and sharing, often discussing a common book or theme
  • Ongoing groups for fellowship, learning, or specific activities like quilting or biking
  • Bible studies and prayer groups
  • Wednesday evening (or another weeknight) sessions for adults on various topics
  • Marriage and parenting workshops
  • Basic information/question sessions on Christianity, the Bible, Lutheranism, other faiths
  • Women’s retreats, canoe trips, and other adventures
  • All Saints library, publications, and online resources for growing in faith

Which of the above opportunities would you like to have offered again at All Saints this coming year? What is missing from the list that you wish was available? Please share your thoughts and suggestions with team leader Anne Englert, Pastor Jon, or Pastor Antonio. Please provide input and participate in the process so All Saints can offer enjoyable, relevant and meaningful experiences to support and enrich life and faith journeys.

Fall activity planning will likely focus more on Wednesday evening gatherings for adults, rather than Sunday morning events. Other activities or group gatherings, besides forums, can be held on Sundays if people are interested and can help plan, publicize, or facilitate them.

Starting mid-fall, a sermon series will coordinate with small group discussions of a common book. Watch for details about the book and signups for short-term discussion groups. Existing small groups may choose to use this book as well. If you are available to assist in any way with small groups at All Saints, please contact Anne Englert (952.935.4662).

Learn More about Adult Growth Opportunities

Members of the All Saints faith community are challenged to grow wiser, stronger, deeper and humbler through their lives. One of the eight pillars in our strategic plan is Lifelong Learning; adult men and women are encouraged to take the lead in their own spiritual growth and on behalf of their families. A variety of opportunities is available at All Saints for adults to grow in faith, to connect deeply with God and with each other on their spiritual journeys.

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